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    Invasion of mukluk!
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    Remember to go to the practice battle!!!!!!!!!! If we make five people you will all get DOUBLE promotions


Arceus edit: Negi you are now a leader,leaders you can have a break also if you want

Negi Here,

So we know that Arceus2088, our leader, is on break for the summer. Well this week we are doing some recruting.

❗ Comment Below ❗

                                  Recruiting On Mammoth  

                                                              When: June 5th (Sunday)

                                                               Server: Mammoth

                                                                  Place: Town


                                                                              9am PST

                                                                              10am MST

                                                                              11am CST

                                                                               12pm EST

                                                                                5pm GMT

                                    Recruiting on Flipper  ❗ 

                                                                                *1 Hour later*

                                                                              Server: Flipper

                                                                              Place: Town

                                 Recruiting on Ice Box  

                                                                  When: June 6 (Monday)

                                                                    Server: Ice Box

                                                                      Place: Snow Forts


                                                                                    3:30pm PST

                                                                                    4:30pm MST

                                                                                   5:30pm CST

                                                                                  6:30pm EST

                                                                                 11:30pm GMT

❗ Please comment if you can make to these events ❗


Hello llama army i am making this post to tell you we are merging if the un-active people answer this then i will be happy. We have 2 active penguins thank you you two you know who you are. I myself  is not very active because i will have work to do and i cant handle this anymore. Yes i thought this army will grow to major but i have given up that idea. Still not one person has showed up to any of are events. Not 1 person. Thank you everyone who has been active. But this army will not grow. We are merging into the pretzels of cp.http://thepretzels.wordpress.com/ Thank you everyone i am sorry. Goodbye llama army.


Edit: If no one comments on this post we are merging.

Too me arceus2088 i seriously think throughout all of my 1 person recruiting eventss is that we wont grow anytime soon and barely anyone in this army is active so im going to make a poll if you answer this poll to being active then i will improve the army if people do and dont say the truth then we will merge.

Invasion of mukluk rescheduled

 :!:Invasion of mukluk:!:

    Arceus edit: If you read this fake llamas im just making this post and invasion becasue i only want ONE llama army and none others so when we recruit there gonna come to the REAL llamas.                          

This is a different llama army that is totally inactive but they have servers the link is http://llamasofclubpenguin.wordpress.com/join/(just giving it so you know who where invading) they own servers that were ACTUALLY invaded but they don’t recruit or anything we are going to invade those servers and show them NO MERCY!

Difficulty: Very easy

Server :arrow: Mukluk

When :arrow: Wednesday, June 13

Reward: 700 Fog coins 

Leader :arrow: Negi 123 456 


:arrow: 3:00PM  EST

:arrow: 2:00PM  CST

:arrow: 1:00PM  MST

:arrow: 12:00 PM PST

                  :!:Comment if you can make it!:!: I expect they’re to be 5 people at this event. If so you will get chat promotion for 2 days(only moderators and members)

Taking a break.

Arceus edit: Im off from break and ready to rumble! 


Usaully you can see i havent been making posts alot. I have been working alot. Also summer is coming up and i want to spend time with my family. I will be taking a break for further notice Selenaa and Negi123 456 will be leader and co-leader for now. You two try to be the best leaders you can be while i am gone. I will promote your rolee to editor. Do not delete the website! and dont delete any pages. Adding helpful pages would be fine. Thank you and if you dont want to do this you may take a break also. Thanks for being great owners. To edit the site go to wordpress>>Myblogs>>And click llama army to do whatever adding. Thank you very much again.~Arceus2088

Senate on construction

^Title says it all^

Sorry for the short post~Arceus2088



Active Check

Hey Guys it’s Negi, yeah I know it’s early, way to early, but I’m just checking.

1. Username: negi 123 456

2. rank: Co-Leader

3. Scale through 1-10: 8

4. last event: Invasion

❗  Remember be Active ❗


Recruiting session

                        Recruiting Session


When: Tuesday,May24th 2011

Server: Klondike

Reward: 1,000 fog coins

Leader: Negi if cant make it Selenaa if cant make it Arceus2088 if cant make it Demos2121


6:40 EST

5:40 CST

4:40 MST

3:30 MST


Active check

I’m feeling that this army is dead so i have to keep doing active checks whoever does not comment in the next month will be demoted to private!! if 5 people comment then you will get something special……

Answer these questions:



Give a scale of 0/10 how active you are.

Results of invasion!

Grade: F-

Summary: Its F- because no one showed up.

Pictures: No pictures because there was only 1 person.

Umm.. guys next time can you try to do a little better? I can understand if you cant make it but some of you said you can and didn’t.. Comment again on this post if you want to invade again because we need to send  fake llama army to the ground.